Why Super­formance

The Very Best

MMG Motorsports provides the very best replicas your money can buy. Superformance is the very best in quality and build design and enjoys the very best in quality control when it comes to fit and finish.


Superformance provides three main reasons for you to purchase a Superformance:

  1. Fully manufactured and not a kit car
  2. Exacting quality control standardization for every car so resale value is the best
  3. Only licensed Cobra Replica from Carol Shelby you can buy

Not a Kit Car

These vehicles are NOT a kit car and come completely manufactured and assembled ready for an engine and transmission choice made by you for installation.


Superformance provides the only licensed Shelby Cobra by Carol Shelby there is on the market. These cars all come produced with the same exacting standards and quality control time after time so that when you go to sell your Superformance you can expect top resale value no matter where you are in the country.

Purpose Built

Superformance uses purpose built brand new parts and never uses re-used “donor” parts. Because these cars are not individually assembled in someone’s garage, buyers know what to expect and they can expect the best car without variations based on the builder. Every Superformance is the same every time. The best you can get.

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