We have been in business for over 70 years and can provide the expertise and experience that you expect.


MMG Motorsports is a multi-line new car store that also carries Superformance and Shelby CSX Legendary cars. We are one of the biggest Cobra dealers in the nation and one of the few that carry both brands. Our 14 acre complex sells new Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Lincoln, Honda and Nissan vehicles in addition to the Cobras and GT 40s. We are not a mom and pop organization and have true “car guy” professionals to guide you through this Cobra world. We have been in business for over 70 years and can provide the expertise and experience that you expect.

MMG has one of largest selection of vehicles in stock and can help you arrange an engine install by a professional or you can do it yourself. We have all the parts you will ever need and we can either deliver to your home or you can fly in and drive your dream car home. Special orders can be made and designed to your own custom dream. Call and ask us any questions you might have about licensing, VIN numbers, titling, registration and state Highway inspections. We can make your process as easy as possible.

Because we are a new car dealer on a grand scale, we can take in any daily driver street cars on trade and help arrange financing if necessary. We are conveniently locate between Cleveland and Columbus Ohio for easy access at either airport and can even have you picked up. We also have a 9,000 foot long runway at the Mansfield Lahm Airport that can accommodate any private plane you have. Call and we can make arrangements to pick you up when you get in.

MMG can make arrangements for installations and specializes in Ford Racing and Roush motors and couple them up to top of the line Tremec transmissions. If we don’t have what you want, we can usually provide it within two days. If what you want is so special that it doesn’t exist on the ground anywhere in the nation, we can order your custom vehicle.

MMG added the Vortec aviation sister company to compliment the Superformance / CSX sales of MMG Motorsports. Vortec aviation is a separate sister company also located at 1493 Park ave. west in Mansfield and hangers out of Mansfield Lahm airport. Mansfield Lahm is 5 miles north of Vortec aviation and enjoys a 9000’ runway (KMFD) and an excellent and convenient place to fly your personal airplane in to so that you can view and take a test flight in our VL3 demo.

MMG enjoys beautiful scenery in our hilly geographic area for great Cobra rides and even has a great world renowned race track just a couple of miles away at Mid-Ohio race track.

Dream Makers

We are the “Dream Makers” and can put you in that Cobra, Daytona or GT40 that you have always wanted, today!

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