Superformance GT40 MKII

427 Ford FE

ZF Transaxle

Exterior Color:

Interior Color:


2007 Superformance GT40 MKII

Highly optioned special build with many accessories that are not normally found on GT40’s in the market. Save $60,000. Special items on this vehicle vs. standard build units would be:, FE motor and installation, FE build option code, Ken Miles livery, leather seats, lighted roundels, race mirrors, electronic engine monitor, fuel shut off valve, aluminum luggage boxes in engine compartment, carpeted sills, extra window openings, upgraded door convenience option, rear bonnet gas struts, Holman Moody valve covers and competition designation, fire extinguisher.

427 FE with Holman Moody valve covers.  Engine was built by Keith Craft.

Custom painted chassis

Fire suppression system

Left hand drive with connecting rod shift linkage

Leather seats

Replica of remote oil tank in the front of the car

Olthoff racing hinge kit on the front hood

Olthoff racing latch kit

Gas shocks on rear clam shell

Brake ventilation cooling kits

Titled as 2007